Commercial Expansion (ComX) Enterprises

About Us

Who We Are?

ComX Enterprises was established by a group of Engineers. Each has over 20 years of experience in Businesses Management, Sales and Marketing  in large corporates.

Through our long experience over the years in the different countries in the Middle East and with our analytical thinking, we noticed several challenges for consumers in different product and service segments in the market. 

Hence, as every Engineer tends to do, we started looking for solutions how to overcome these challenges. And above all, how to improve the customer experience in these business segments and add more value.

Our aim is to differentiate in the way we see ourselves. Therefore, we try to mix the casual appearance with the professionalism required to succeed. so, we do take our business and our customers very serious, but try to maintain a certain level of fun in our approach.


Founder and CEO

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Our Values

While building our business we maintain the following values in the heart of all what we do

  • Innovation

    We learn and embrace new and different ways of doing things to be able to make the difference in people’s life. Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Therefore, we believe that we have to adapt to the world around us, by keeping the pace with the technology and life evolution. Also, we keep our eyes open for new challenges, which come alongside this evolution and try to find solutions and add value to the people and the community.

  • Customer Centricity

    We judge our success by the impact we leave on the life of our customers. Hence, we are happy and proud to be challenged by our customers to deliver better performance. Meanwhile, we continue looking for new ways in making a difference in their life.

  • Highest Ethics

    While embarking on the ambitious vision we have set for ourselves, we make sure to act with uncompromising integrity and being open & transparent. Additionally, we seek to earn respect from others in everything we do by being humble and respectful. Above all, we aim in every moment to add value to our customers, partners, community and the complete echo system we work in.

Reaching The Stars For Our Customers